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2019 national printing machinery standardization annual meeting will be held in tianjin

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2019 national printing machinery standardization annual meeting was held in tianjin, Evan , our company manager was elected as the sixth national machinery standardization technical committee member


On November 7, 2019, the national printing machinery standardization annual meeting was held in tianjin, under the guidance of the publishing bureau of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Standardization Administration of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the China machinery industry federation.

State administration of market supervision and management of the standard technical management department inspector YanMingHan, the central propaganda department printing board printing copy everywhere long chau, standard Tan Xiangning work department director of the China machinery industry federation, the fifth director of the printing machinery standardization technical committee members, northerners intelligent equipment technology co., LTD., chairman, party secretary Chen Bangshe, the fifth national printing machinery standardization technical committee secretariat to undertake unit Beijing printing machinery research institute Wang Xiaozhi and other leaders, as well as from the national printing machinery manufacturing and related enterprises, universities, research institutes, inspection institutions, technical experts,More than 100 members of the national technical committee on printing machinery standardization and its sub-technical committees attended the meeting.

Yin minghan, inspector of the department of standards and technology administration of the State Administration for Market Regulation, announced the approval announcement of the sixth national technical committee on machinery standardization.He said that the standard of printing machinery led the industry to improve the technical level and healthy development of the industry;The bid committee has made good achievements in the construction of the standard system, the implementation of the standard and the standardization of talents.In addition, Yin minghan also put forward constructive Suggestions on the standardization of printing machinery in the future.

Printing board printing copy everywhere to state department of the speech, he much starker choices-and graver consequences-in printing industry development direction of "green, digital, intelligence, integration" as the breakthrough point, and mainly introduced the Chinese printing industry conference on innovation and on promoting the development of the printing green ideas, emphasized to promote new kinetic energy to speed up the development of digital printing.Lu zhou, director of the department, proposed that the system layout, collaborative innovation, key breakthrough, form a paradigm, linkage printing enterprises, publishing units and e-commerce platform, build China's digital printing big data center, and accelerate the development of new momentum of digital printing.

Subsequently, the China machinery industry federation standard work department director tan xiangning made a speech.He said the national technical committee for standardization of printing machinery has a great responsibility and should actively implement the national strategy to help the printing industry achieve green, intelligent and standardized.Standardization should be carried out in strict accordance with procedures and procedures.In addition, tan xiangning pointed out that standardization work to achieve method innovation, leading and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the printing industry;Standard chemical industry as an industry to provide a unicom platform, to constantly strengthen communication and exchange, form a joint force, drive the standardization of printing machinery construction.

Chen bangshi, chairman and secretary of the CPC committee of beiren intelligent equipment technology co., LTD., delivered a speech on behalf of the sixth bid committee as the chairman of the new bid committee.He said that he will work together with everyone, earnestly perform their duties, for the printing machine industry standardization work to a new level of contribution.In the speech, Chen bangshe summed up the development of the printing machinery industry, and stressed that China's printing machinery industry has a lot to do.

This annual meeting issued certificates to members, consultants and observers of the 6th technical committee on standardization of printing machinery. The standards committee issued commemorative plates for those who participated in the formulation of standards for printing machinery from 2014 to 2019 and issued the standards.

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